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19 July 1989
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I'm Emily. I'm specific, if rarely useful. I used to be here. Now I've moved on over to myrioddity.

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[origins of 'vazavati': adjective meaning 'of/from Vazavat', a country that, incidentally, doesn't exist. which is a shame, as it's got a Z in it and Zs deserve to be promoted from cartoon snores to their rightful place as the sexiest sound in the Roman alphabet. this is still true. This will always be true.]
"call me, aaron sorkin, accents, accordions, acting, adeste hendecasyllabi, agnosticism, ahabs & icari, ambiguity, angst, ani difranco, anonymity, antagonists, apollo, appointments with doktor avalanche, ardath, art, art theft, autumn, bassists, because of kennel ration, benevolent monarchs, biscuits/shame, bridges, but still yet, candor, cathedrals, characters, chocolate, cicero, cider, cinema, colin mochrie, dave eggers, death note, dice, dictionaries, dimly lit areas, dionysus, disastering, doodling song lyrics everywhere, dylan moran, dynamic, early morning, echoes, especially the lies, euripides, fagin's coat, fanfiction, fantasy, feeling smug, flutes, fog, french, gackt, gelato, girls, goodbye chains, greek mythology, gul dukat, guys with glasses, hats, heavenly discourse, indigo girls, iniquitous toast, isaac newton, ish not ism, ishmael!", ivy-covered buildings, james joyce, just as planned, kitchen utensils, kyoami from ran, languages, living here now, london, loud gestures, manga, meta-meta-meta-metamorphoses, mike doughty, minor keys, moby dick, music, notebooks, orpheus, outdated expletives, paris combo, paying muses minimum wage, phaeton & icarus, philip larkin, playing devil's advocate, plum blossoms, poetry, question marks/exclamation points, rain, reading, rome inc., rorschach, salman rushdie, samurai champloo, sarcasm, seattle, sestinas, shakespeare, singing, skeleton keys, smiling pasta, solos & soliloquies, sondheim musicals, storms, stupid tree, symposia, tennis, the bathhouse, the enlightenment, the lucky speech, the senate, the strange untried, traitors, translating, traveling in generic jeans, tsubasa, vanilla, vestibules, villainous miscreants, vintage adjectives, vivaldi, vladimir nabokov, voices, winter, writing, yelling at the sky, your philosophy

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